Fresh And Clean Bathing Services

When your beloved dog’s hygiene becomes too much to handle, you can utilize our thorough bathing services at Canine Clips, LLC to refresh their cleanliness! Your pet’s bathing service is a part of our competitively priced grooming package. We offer:

  • Sensitive skin baths
  • Flea baths
  • Shed-less treatments

All Breeds and sizes!

State certified in bathing!

Pick up flea medicine here!

Get $5 off your second visit!

Additional bathing options

Conditioning is also available for your dog’s bath service. If your dog has fleas, you can purchase cost-effective flea medicine after your dog has finished up with its flea bath to continue the fight against fleas in the comfort of your home.

Call now to set up your pet grooming service! We’ll create an appointment that works for your schedule.765-533-3647