Pet Pick-Up


Convenient Pet Pick-Up For Grooming Services

You can have your dog picked-up by us, groomed, and dropped off for a small fee (in addition to grooming fee)! Our pick-up services include:

  • Pet pick-up in the morning
  • Grooming services are then completed
  • Pet drop-off at the next available time

State certified in pet bathing and grooming

Servicing all Breeds and Sizes

Homes within a 10 mile radius are eligible for pick-up

Pick-up fees are always affordable!

Please remember

Canine Clips’ pet pick-up services are only available to customers who live within a 10 mile radius, and have trouble leaving their homes.

Canine Clips does not make regular pick-ups for all customers who are too busy to make it to our location. If you cannot make it to our location because you are too busy, we’re happy to reschedule your appointment for another time!

Call now to schedule your pet pick-up service! 765-533-3647